The Confederated Tribes Of The Colville Reservation
Daily Inmate Count

Booking Date Name Age Sex Charge(s) Arresting Officer Release Date
2200 20-Sep-2014 Louie, Ronald E. 37 Male Court Commit- Unknown Charges Allen 22-Sep-2014
1330 19-Sep-2014 Andruss, Henry G. 42 Male Tribal Warrant- Theft Miller
0115 19-Sep-2014 Jackson, Samuel J. 23 Male Disorderly Conduct DV Reyes
2145 18-Sep-2014 Watt Jr., Thomas L. 43 Male Tribal Warrant- Assault DV Mason 3-Oct-2014
1300 18-Sep-2014 Mann, Renee C. 34 Female Spokane Tribal Hold- Sale of Drugs (X2) Watkins 17-Oct-2014
1900 12-Sep-2014 Louie-Stanger, Elijah K. 20 Male Tribal Warrants (X2)- Assault, Malicious Mischief, Theft, MIP Reyes
2200 8-Sep-2014 Dick III, William J. 28 Male Disorderly Conduct, Malicious Mischief, Disobedience of a Lawful Court Order Bob
1730 6-Sep-2014 Parisien Jr., Robert J. 19 Male New Charge- DWLS/R
Tribal Warrant- Battery (X2)
Lincoln County Warrant- DWLS 2nd Degree
Lauseng 30-Sep-2014
1200 2-Sep-2014 Conant, Clinton A. 27 Male Tribal Warrants (X3)- Prohibited Acts (Possession), Prohibited Acts (Drug Paraphernalia), Malicious Mischief, Resisting Arrest or Process, Escape, Battery (X2) Woolbert 17-Dec-2014
1445 31-Aug-2014 Cate, Kyle S. 22 Male New Charge- Prohibited Acts (Possession)
Tribal Warrant- Battery DV
Lincoln County Warrant- DWLS 3rd Degree
0745 31-Aug-2014 Seymour, Kyle J. 29 Male Tribal Warrant- DUI Gillaspy 24-Sep-2014
1100 29-Aug-2014 Bair, Donny J. 24 Male Spokane Tribe Hold- Violation of a Court Order J. Marchand 6-Jun-2015
1100 29-Aug-2014 McCrea, Fred 50 Male Spokane Tribe Hold- Assault and Battery 1st Degree (X6) J. Marchand 10-Jan-2015
1100 29-Aug-2014 Henry, Mountain Flower B. 36 Female Spokane Tribe Hold- Violation of Probation, D.C. False Alarm J. Marchand 2-Oct-2014
0800 25-Aug-2014 McCraigie, Melissa R. 30 Female Battery DV, Vehicular Assault DV, Attempting to Elude a Police Vehicle, DUI, DWLS/R Cournyer
1030 21-Aug-2014 Finley, Timothy A. 38 Male Tribal Warrant- Battery, Assault Arroyo
2130 19-Aug-2014 Lazard, Max H. 27 Male Prohibited Acts (Manufacture, Cultivate, Deliver)(X3), Aiding or Abetting Barcus
1445 16-Aug-2014 Harry, Oralia J. 23 Female Battery DV, Assault DV, Unlawful Imprisonment DV, Malicious Mischief DV Cournyer
1130 11-Aug-2014 Charley, Derrick J. 20 Male Battery DV Lauseng 28-Sep-2014
2130 9-Aug-2014 Zacherle, Steven J. 28 Male Tribal Warrant- Assault DV, Reckless Endangerment DV
Okanogan County Warrant- DWLS 3rd Degree
Reyes 25-Sep-2014
1115 9-Aug-2014 Walker, Bryan C. 37 Male Tribal Warrants (X2)- DUI (X2), DWLS/R (X2), Disobedience of a Lawful Court Order Arroyo
1045 9-Aug-2014 Shawl, Joseph K 43 Male New Charge- Disobedience of a Lawful Court Order
Court Commit- Disobedience of a Lawful Court Order DV
Oneal 2-Nov-2014
1030 29-Jul-2014 Williams, Leah MR. 20 Female New Charges- Burglary, Unauthorized Use of Vehicle, Prohibited Acts (Drug Paraphernalia)
Tribal Warrant- Theft
1430 17-Jul-2014 Michel, Cecil C. 54 Male Tribal Warrant- DUI, DWLS/R
U.S. Marshal Hold- Probation Violation
J. Marchand 8-Dec-2014
0400 23-Jun-2014 Matt, Victor J. 28 Male Battery DV, Vehicular Assault, Endangering the Welfare of a Child Goss 25-Jan-2015
1530 21-Jun-2014 Edwards, Lewis W. 51 Male Battery DV (X2), Intimidation of a Public Officer, Violation of Federal or State Law Marconi
1045 5-Jun-2014 Seymour, Wayne A. 36 Male Tribal Warrant- Battery DV, Malicious Mischief DV, Disobedience of a Lawful Court Order DV Dennis 14-Nov-2014
0000 2-Jun-2014 James, David B. 60 Male DUI, DWLS/R Whalawitsa 2-Oct-2014
1645 27-May-2014 Moses III, Harvey J. 23 Male Tribal Warrant- Prohibited Acts (Possession), Prohibited Acts (Drug Paraphernalia) T. Marchand 25-Mar-2015
0230 11-May-2014 Pakootas, Alicia A. 32 Female Tribal Warrants (X3)- DUI, DWLS/R (X2), Attempting to Elude a Police Vehicle, Reckless Endangerment, Malicious Mischief, Malicious Mischief DV Oneal 8-Oct-2014
1115 30-Apr-2014 Williams,Harry A. 31 Male Vehicular Homicide, Vehicular Assault (X2) T. Marchand 20-Jun-2017
1500 17-Apr-2014 Lambert, Franklin G. 42 Male Rape J. Marchand 29-Dec-2015
1645 23-Oct-2013 Boyd, Derek N. 23 Male New Charge- Obstructing Justice
Tribal Warrants (X5)- Burglary, Battery DV (X3), Malicious Mischief DV, Battery (X2), Disobedience of a Lawful Court Order, Obstructing Justice, Intimidation of a Public Officer, Prohibited Acts (Drug Paraphernalia), Intoxication
T. Marchand 3-Oct-2014
0130 3-Oct-2013 St. Peter, David L. 57 Male Rape, Indecent Liberties Cournyer 22-Sep-2015