The Confederated Tribes Of The Colville Reservation
Finley Elected for Third Term
July 14, 2011
NESPELEM, WA—The Colville Business Council, governing body for the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, today held its annual swearing-in ceremony for recently-elected members, and selected new officers. 
Michael O. Finley was re-elected to the top leadership position of the Tribes.  Finley, from the Inchelium District, will serve his third consecutive term as Chairman.
“I am honored to again serve as Chairman of the Colville Business Council, and look forward to working with all of the newly-elected and incumbent members over the coming year,” Finley said today.  “We have a number of very important issues to deal with, some big challenges ahead, but I know we’re up to the task.”
Ernest “Sneena” Brooks III, a newly-elected member from the Omak District, was named CBC Vice-Chairman.  Darlene Zacherle, another new CBC member, from Keller, will be the Council Secretary.   Andy Joseph, Jr., an incumbent council member who this year won re-election from the Nespelem District, will serve again this year as Chairman of the Human Services Committee and was selected today as the Nespelem District Representative on the CBC’s Executive Committee.
Brian Nissen, an incumbent CBC member who this year was re-elected from the Nespelem District, will chair the Management and Budget Committee, while Ferdinand Louie, a new CBC member from the Omak District, will be Chairman of the Community Development Committee.
Former CBC member Richard A. Swan, elected this year from the Inchelium District, was selected Chair of the CBC’s Law and Justice Committee.  Swan brings 12 years of Council experience to the CBC. Doug Seymour, an incumbent from Inchelium, will chair the Natural Resources Committee.  Ricky Gabriel, an incumbent from the Nespelem District, again will lead the Council’s Tribal Government Committee.

Other members of the Council include incumbents Sylvia Peasley of the Keller District; Harvey Moses, Nespelem District; and Cherie Moomaw and Ernie Williams from the Omak District. Luana Boyd Rowley is a newly-elected Inchelium District representative.
“This is an exciting time for the Council, as we welcome five new members and our returning incumbents,” Finley said.  “The Colville Business Council will work hard to serve the best interests of our Tribes and our membership.  The people have placed their trust in us, and have sent us a clear message that they expect forward-looking, decisive and fair leadership. We will not let them down.”