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Harvest Technician Tony Stanczak assists with collecting broodstock for Chief Joseph Hatchery. The selective harvest crew fished from July 5 to August 29, collecting 1,016 Chinook broodstock for CJH, and 1,802 sockeye and 517 hatchery Chinook were harvested for the membership. By September 20, 5,197 adults and 921 jacks were collected at the CJH ladder and were distributed to the membership as well.


The Fish & Wildlife Department’s overall goal is to maintain and protect viable populations of native and desired non-native species of fish and wildlife, and their supporting habitats, while providing sufficient numbers to meet the cultural, subsistence, recreational and economic needs of the tribal membership. 

2016 CCT Member Fishing Regulations for Summer Chinook and Sockeye Fisheries in the Okanogan River, Columbia River and Chief Joseph Dam Tailrace Snag Fishery
2016-2018 CCT Member Resident Fishing Regulations
Open fishing below Grand Coulee Dam to SR 155 Bridge
2015-2016 Non-member Hunting Regulations
2016 CCT Member Upper Columbia & Okanogan River Steelhead Fishery
2016-2018 Non-member Fishing Regulations
2016 Non-member Fishing Addendum 1
2016 CCT Member Chief Joseph Dam Tailrace and Mainstem Columbia River Spring Chinook Fishery Regulations
2016 Icicle Creek Fishery Regulations
2016-2019 CCT Member Hunting & Trapping Regulations
2016 Icicle Creek Spring Chinook Reg Change
Non-Tribal Member Hunting Season 2016-2017
2016 CJD Tailrace Regulation Rule Change
2016 CCT Tribal Trust & Allotment Hunting Regulations

(The Colville Resident Fish Hatchery staff released a total of 35,875 rainbow trout into Lake Rufus Woods this year. Anglers that retain tagged fish are encouraged to go online at www.cctfwfishtags.com and provide tag number, date, location, and size of fish.

2016 Annual Trout Hatchery Stocking Plan

Chief Joseph Hatchery is a state-of-the art facility that was built to increase spring, summer, and fall Chinook salmon in the Okanogan and Columbia Rivers. The hatchery will produce up to 2.9 million Chinook fry annually and will provide salmon for tribal ceremonies, subsistence needs for tribal members, and increase recreational fishing opportunities for all. The $50 million hatchery was completed in May of 2013 and is located in Bridgeport, Washington next to Chief Joseph Dam.  For more information on Chief Joseph Hatchery, go to: www.colvilletribes.com/cjhp.php

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