The Confederated Tribes Of The Colville Reservation
Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation IRMP Revision
What is an IRMP?
An Integrated Resource Management Plan, or IRMP, is a tribe’s strategic plan for the comprehensive management of its natural resources. A strategic plan is a broadly-defined plan aimed at creating a desired future.
An IRMP is:
- based on the Tribes’ vision for the Reservation which is summarized in the Holistic Goal;
- an expression of tribal sovereignty;
- a comprehensive statement of Tribal resource and land management policy;
- a plan that provides a sound basis for the management of reservation resources;
- a plan that connects Tribal resource management and Traditional/Cultural Values;
- a common vision which provides consistent management direction for all natural resource programs;
- a mechanism to transform the Tribes’ vision for the Reservation into reality.
The Colville Tribes’ IRMP is used to ensure that all natural resource management is aligned to meet the community’s vision as described in the Holistic Goal as well as to maintain compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act.

Why is the current IRMP being revised?
The current IRMP will expire December 31, 2014 and must go through a long revision process in order to maintain compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act. For a detailed look at the actions that need to be taken, click the Timeline link on the navigation bar, or at the bottom of this page.
Get Involved!

 The Natural Resources Department is hoping to improve on the current IRMP so that it reflects the Tribal community’s goals and needs for the Reservation more effectively. In order to do so we need your input. The IRMP revision team will be using this page to periodically post questionnaires, announce public events and planning sessions, and keep you up-to-date on the progress that has been made.
But for now, the revision process is just getting started!
You will find our first questionnaire on the navigation bar and front page called Natural Resources Web Survey:
- We want to know how you think the Natural Resource Department has done and what you think of the current Holistic Goal.
The survey will only take 5 Minutes!

Final Environmental Impact Statement

Holistic Goal

Record of Decision and Plan