The Okanogan Basin Monitoring And Evaluation Project

OBMEP maintains and operates several strategically placed video monitoring stations to enumerate adult salmonids species including summer steelhead, Sockeye salmon, and Chinook salmon. The station at Zosel Dam operates continuously while several other stations on Salmon Creek, Ninemile Creek, and Antoine Creek operate during summer steelhead spawning. Video data is recorded with a digital video recorder (DVR) which is linked to the internet. Staff members review the video data remotely at the office.

At Zosel Dam in Oroville, Washington, there are two fish ladders that allow passage around the spill ways. The spill way gates themselves are operated to adjust the level of Lake Osoyoos and in general, are not to be opened more than six inches, requiring fish to pass the dam through the fish ladders. OBMEP's has a video chute on the upstream end of both of these ladders that enumerates all fish entering and exiting the ladders. Although salmonids species are targeted, all other species are also enumerated.

On the Ninemile, Antoine, and Antoine Creek tributaries, a video chute is placed in a narrow portion of the stream close to the confluence with the Okanogan River. A picket weir is constructed on either side of the chute to ensure fish pass through the video chute. On Salmon Creek, a video chute is placed within a passage point around an irrigation weir. At all of the video sites, the video is stored on a DVR system housed in a weatherproof box. The DVR is linked to the internet through a wireless connection, allowing reviewers to remotely connect to the DVR for video review.  Data from all video stations are available upon request.

In early 2012, the fluorescent lighting was replaced in all video monitoring boxes with underwater LED lights.  This not only reduced energy consumption, but improved the quality of the images being recorded and greatly decreased the amount of electrical interference the previous lights were emitting, which interfered with nearby PIT tag arrays.  

  Zosel Dam
Steelhead* 203
Chinook Salmon** 1,415
Sockeye Salmon** unknown
*Steelhead data representative from July 01, 2011 through April 26, 2012
**Chinook data representative from August 08, 2011 through December 31, 2011, Sockeye salmon runs for 2011 and 2012 passed through the open spillway gates rather than through the fish ladders and video arrays.
† Data are preliminary and represent minimum number of fish observed.  Estimates of fallback may be calculated later.

Underwater Video Protocols
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