The Confederated Tribes Of The Colville Reservation
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2016 Request for proposal (RFP)

RFP/RFB ID Title Closing Date
IFB IFB Buttercup Lane Rd Improvements 30 September 2016
The general Scope of Work under this RFP includes tree removal, subgrade preparation, placement of base rock, HMA paving, drainage ditch construction, signing, striping, and illumination in accordance with the Contract Plans and Specifications.
RFP RFP - Chain Link Fencing at Chief Joseph Hatchery 3 October 2016
The Colville Tribes Fish and Wildlife Department is requesting proposals from qualified contractors to supply adn install chain link fencing and gates at the Chief Joseph Hatchery Offices and residences located at Bridgeport, WA.
Facilities Maintenance Department RFB New Production Well Drilling 6 October 2016
Seeking qualified firms registered in the state of Washington to provide Well Drilling services for the New Net Pen RV Park located south of the Columbia River Road.
RFP RFP - Pump & Clean Septic Systems at Resident Fish Hatchery 7 October 2016
The Colville Resident Fish Hatchery is requesting proposals from qualified vendors to pump and clean out four septic systems (3 residential houses and an office), remove and replace two septic pumps, float and controls, inspect secondary effluent vault and drain field for needed repairs.  The facility is located at 79 Tribal Hatchery Road, Bridgeport, WA 98813
Mt Tolman Fire Center RFB Tunk Reservation Boundary Fencing Contract Segment #1 7 October 2016
Requesting bids for repair and/or replacement of approximately 2.6 miles horizontal distance as measured on a map of a 4-strand barbed wire fence.
RFP RFP - Omak Road Closures 14 October 2016
The CCT Anadromous Habitat Division is seeking the services of qualified contractors to close roads in the Omak Creek subbasin and within the tributaries to Omak Creek.  All roads are located on the Colville Reservation.  Total miles of roads to be closed is approximately 6.3, see maps.
RFP Environmental Engineering & Consulting Services Environmental Engineering & Consulting Services, 2017-2019 19 October 2016
1.1 Background: About the Colville Tribes: The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation works to maintain and protect viable populations of native and desired non-native species of fish and wildlife and their supporting habitats, while providing sufficient numbers to meet the cultural, subsistence, recreational and economic needs of the tribal membership.
Today, more than 9,365 descendants of 12 aboriginal tribes of Indians are enrolled in the Confederated Tribes of the Colville. The tribes, commonly known by English and French names, are the Colville, the Nespelem, the San Poil, the Lake, the Palus, the Wenatchi (Wenatchee), the Chelan, the Entiat, the Methow, the southern Okanogan, the Moses Columbia and the Nez Perce of Chief Joseph’s Bands.
The Environmental Trust Department (ETD) of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation (CTCR) is soliciting professional services proposals and qualifications from contractors and consultants to provide environmental engineering and consulting services in FY 2017 through FY 2019. This Request for Proposals (RFP) is issued in reference to and in conjunction with the Scope of Work, 6.0 of this RFP:
RFP RFP - Floodplain Activation Design Services 31 October 2016
The goal is to solicit proposals from a Design Contractor (DC) to design floodplain activation options on 4 different mainstem river (Similkameen and Okanogan) properties located in Okanogan County.  This project is in support of the Colville Confederated Tribes (CCT) Anadromous Habitat Program.