2018 Office Christmas Decorating Contest 

Group/Team Leader's Name *
Group/Team Leader's Name
Example: Santa's Workshop, Candy Land, Winter Wonderland, Under the Christmas Tree
A Group/Team may consist of up to 5 employees

*Groups/Teams must be registered before Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018 at 9am


Wednesday December 12 at 1pm judging will begin

Each employee can only participate on one group/team
Groups/Teams may consist of up to 5 employees
Decorations must follow a holiday theme
Decorating should not disrupt an employee’s job responsibilities
Have fun and let’s get creative!

Categories for Judging

Judges will be evaluating on these Categories

  1. Visual Impact

  2. Creativity

  3. Craftsmanship

  4. How closely does the area follow the theme

Coming Soon: Prize Information

Do not damage office area

  • No Glitter

  • No nails. Please use 3m Command strips or similar for adhering to walls/surfaces

  • Do not use any materials that will damage the building

  • Do not obstruct pathways/emergency exits/fire extinguishers/pull stations. We want this to be a fun and safe place

Don’t forget the TREE of SHARING