Colville Tribes

The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Indian Reservation is a group of businesses owned and operated by the Colville Tribes. The Confederated Tribes Of The Colville Reservation.

    Colville Business Council
        Resolution Index
    Colville Tribal Court
        Proposed Amendments
    Executive Director
    CBC Video Stream
    Current Code


Centralized Services
        Accounts Payable
        Data Processing
    Archives & Records
    Information Technology
        Submitting an IT Ticket
    Human Resources
    Public Works
        Solid Waste Program
        Water / Waste Water Operations
        Housing Program
        Sanitation Facilities Construction Program
        Janitorial Program
        Recycling Program
    CBC Support Staff
    Legal Services
    Property & Casualty

Education & Employment
    Higher Education
        College Internship
    College Admissions & Advisement Liaison
    Vocational Rehab
    Pascal Sherman Indian School
    Youth Development
    Employment & Training
    inchelium Community Center
    Omar Community Center
    Nespelem Community Center
    Keller Community Center

Health & Human Services
    Area Agency on Aging
    Child Support
    Children and Family Services
    Social Services
    Convalescent Center
    Diabetes Program
    Native Connections
    Tribal Health
    Behavioral Health

HHS Deputy Director
    Mental Health Program
    Chemical Dependency
    Speech Therapy
    Health Education
    Community Health

Natural Resources
    Natural Resources Director
    Environmental Trust
    Fish & Wildlife
    GIS / RIA
    Mt. Tolman Fire Control
    Renovation Program


Public Safety
    Prosecutors Office
    Public Defenders
    Emergency Management
    Transportation DOT
    Parks & Rec
        Reynolds Resort
        Lake Roosevelt
    Peacemaker Circle
    TOSHA (Tribal Occupational Safety & Health Administration)
    Sex Offender Registry


    BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs)
    Colville Casinos
    Contact CTFC (Colville Tribal Federal Corporation)
    CTSC (Colville Tribal Solutions Corporation)
    Grand Coulee Dam
    Lake Roosevelt (National Park Service)
    Omak Stampede
    Retail Division
        Trading Post
        Inchelium Community Store
        Keller Community Store
        Colville Fuels
            Deepwater (Manson)
            Noisy Waters (Nespelem)
            Tribal Trails (Omak)
            Noise Waters (Moses Lake)
    Rainbow Beach Resort
    Community Health Center
        Lake Roosevelt Community Health Center(LRCHC)
        Inchelium Community Health Center
        San Poil Valley Community Health Center
    Indian Housing Authority
    Indian Health Services
    Colville Tribal Credit Corp
    Gaming Commission

Suicide Prevention