Colville Tribes

The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Indian Reservation is a group of businesses owned and operated by the Colville Tribes. The Confederated Tribes Of The Colville Reservation.

Tribal Health

Tribal Health Program is to promote healthy lifestyles, encourage traditional customs for individuals, families, and communication with the Colville Reservation and surrounding areas through education, early intervention and treatment.


Roxanne Michel, CHR, 634 2941
Billie Leith, WIC Certifier, 634 2960
Julia Corbiere, CHR, 634 2939
Bill Joseph, CHR Medical Transporter, 634 2961
Jessica Charley, Breastfeeding Peer Mentor (Rez-Wide), 634 2952



Florence Stensgar, CHR, 634 7325
Juliann Saulque, RN, PHN, 634 7325
Fax: 634-7326



Quail Orr, CHR, ,422-7441
Angela Rois, CHR, ,422-7456
Sally Hutton, ARNP, PHN, 422-7455
Julia Buckner, WIC Certifier, 422-7458
Bernadine Phillips, Native CARS, 631 4993
Fax: 422-7457



Pamela Phillips, CHR, 722-7019
Bridget Abrahamson, CHR, 722-7020
Diane Mills, RN, PHN, 722-7015
Fax: 722-7088



Zekkethal Vargas-Thomas, Program Manager II, 634-2944
Lori Joseph, Office Assistant IV, 634 2996
Beverly Abrahamson, Office Assistant III, 634 2943

Nutrition services include weight management, diabetic counseling, individual nutrition counseling, group presentations, menu writing, exercise information, recipe ideas, computerized nutrition evaluation, handouts.

A Public Health Nurse provides skilled nursing services to individuals and families through referrals from IHS and other Tribal outreach programs.  Nursing services include assessment, counseling, teaching and follow-up by way of home visits, individual and group conferences. Also provides direct health education and activities for individuals and groups.  Goal is to improve the quality of life and increase the healthy life span of Tribal members.  Certified CPR, first Aid and HIV/AIDS trainer.

Maternal Support Services (MSS) through public health nurses and CHR's provide case management and maternity support services to assist Medicaid eligible pregnant women to access medical care and provide preventative health services to promote a healthy birth outcome.  Services of a psychosocial worker and dietitian are also available.

Community Health Representatives assist Indian Health Services in delivering health knowledge to help individuals achieve a state of well-being.  We do this by providing health education, disease prevention information a by referring clients to the proper resources.

Transportation is provided for eligible clients to medical appointments.

Through a Tobacco Coordinator, multiple educational activities are provided to prevent youth and community from initiating tobacco use.  Coalitions of youth volunteers are empowered to be tobacco control advocates presenting to children on the effects tobacco has on youth and adults.  Up-to-date information on the adverse health effects of tobacco smoke and general information is available.