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Our goal is to promote local postsecondary educational opportunites to Tribal members, students, and employees. We strive to provide timely and accurate admission and adivsement information specific to Wenatchee Valley College. We also work in collaboration to coordinate basic skills and developmental education to support student transitions.

Kayce Palmer-Ankney
College Admissions & Advisement Liaison

Employment & Education Division
Phone (509) 634-2495 | Fax (509) 634-2073


Wenatchee Valley College - Nespelem


To Enroll For The Current Quarter:

1) Complete WVC Admission Application, if you are new or returning after 1 or more quarters off.

2) Complete WVC Scholarship Application, renewed annually at the beginning of the academic year.

3) Complete Course Registration or Schedule An Appointment With Kayce To Determine Degree Plans

4) Submit All Documents To College Admission Liaison Prior To The Beginning Of The Quarter.

High School 21+

High School 21+ Progam is a collaborative offering between the Colville Confederated Tribes and the Wenatchee Valley College. It is designed to assist adults in completing required credit hours and coursework to earn their WA state high school diploma. Local classes are offered at the Agency Campus in the Employment & Education Resource Center in Nespelem.The Class Schedule is Monday-Friday 9AM-12PM, the academic quarter begins every September, January, and April.


Patricia Maher

P: 509-634-2780


to enroll:

1) Complete Recruitment Form, Send To Kayce Palmer.

2) Fill Out Transcript Request Form

3) Schedule A Meeting With The Instructor and Send Transcript Request To High School (s) You’ve Attended