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Following are links to all the documents you will need to submit a Research Permit Application.


Upon receipt of your completed research permit application an Administrative Review of the application will be completed. The Review process takes approximately 45 days. Please take into account the length of time needed for Review when filling out the start date of your research project. Following the Administrative Review, which may contain suggestions/comments, your research permit application will be reviewed by one of the Tribes’ Council Committees, depending on the content of your research. Allow at least four (4) weeks for Colville Business Council review for approval or disapproval.

It is important that you read, understand and be specific about the area of your research before filling out the application. You may return the completed application to the Archives & Records Center for processing (by email, regular mail, or fax). Should you have any questions regarding the attached forms, please do not hesitate to contact me at the phone number or email address listed below.