TERO - Tribal Employment Rights Office


During all emergency operations, TERO will be requested to identify a staff member to work with the Logistics section. At a minimum, for smaller incidents where little purchasing or contracting is expected, that staffer will provide a current list of TERO approved contractors to the Logistics staff and be immediately available to answer questions by telephone (including after normal business hours and on weekends).

During larger incidents TERO will provide a staff member who is physically assigned to the Logistics section and who will remain there during operational hours. Such incidents include, for example, floods or potential floods where heavy equipment is sought for building or reinforcing dikes or levees, or protecting culverts, road embankments, and bridge abutments.

In such circumstances, TERO will provide information on, and help secure, TERO approved contractors who can meet the operational needs of the incident. However, if TERO-approved contractors are not available to meet those needs in a timely fashion, the logistics staff will proceed with procurement actions and secure other contractors to perform the necessary work.

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The Colville reservation consists of tribally owned lands held in federal trust status for the Tribes, land owned by individual Colville tribal members, most of which is held in federal trust status, and land owned by others, described as fee property and taxable by counties.