Public Works & facilities

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Public Works & Facilities is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all Tribal facilities and grounds, Tribal rental units, trailer courts, and the July Celebration Grounds.  It makes emergency repairs and minor improvements to homes of low income elder and handicapped Tribal members, offers technical assistance to ineligible members, issues building permits, provides both residential and commercial building inspection services, enforces building codes for all new construction, and supplies janitorial services for Tribal buildings.   Additionally, Public  Works provides grave preparation services for deceased Tribal members and spouses.


Ron Toulou Jr. | Public Works Director | (509) 634-2809 | cell phone (509) 631-1198 | E-mail

Desiree Hertenstein | Business Services Supervisor | (509) 634-2827 | Email

Danny Joe Stensgar | Solid Waste Manager | (509) 634-2810 | cell phone (509) 631-0759 | E-mail

Ciciley Moses | Budget and Business Analyst/Housing Manager | (509) 634-2808 | E-mail

Don Morris | Maintenance Program Manager | (509) 634-2815 | cell phone (509) 978-9135 | E-mail

Water/ Water Waste Manager | (509) 634-2139 | cell phone (509) 631-1198

Joaquin Bustamante | Recycling Manager | (509) 634-2416 | cell phone (509) 322-4658 | E-mail

Darren Cawston | Janitorial Manager | (509) 634-2684 | cell phone (509)-631-4390 | E-Mail

Travis Bessette | Solid Waste Enforcement Officer | (509) 634-2807 | cell phone (509) 429-3306 | E-mail

Val Drywater | Building Official | (509) 634-2811 | cell phone (509) 631-0716 | Email

Lewis Adolph | Sanitation Facilities Manager | (509) 634-2817 | cell phone (509) 322-1927 | Email

Solid Waste Program

Program Services: We provide curbside residential and commercial garbage service, which is picked up on a weekly basis reservation wide, Inchelium, Keller, Nespelem, and Omak that accept household garbage only from Tribal Members and permit holding Non-Tribal Members. Our program hauls all debris from the transfer stations to the Okanogan and Stevens County Landfills. We have a Solid Waste Enforcement Officer to investigate all illegal dumping sites reservation wide.

All Reservation Transfer Stations are Open Wednesday - Sunday from 9am - 5pm
(House hold garbage only)
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Water/ Waste Water operations

Program Services: We provide safe and potable drinking water to the residents of Malott HUD, Omak HUD which also includes Lone Pine and Eagle Nest, Agency Campus, Keller and Twin Lakes HUD. These sytems range in size from 5 to 139 service connections; We chlorinate and sample these systems in assistance and/or services to individual homeowner's water systems when time allows or Public Works needs our help. We also maintain the sewage treatment plant which treats sewage collected from the Town of Nespelem and the Colville Indian Agency. 

Staffing: Currently our staff consists of four employees, two which are State Certified Water Distribution Manager 1 level and two are in training to become certifies WDM1.

Housing Program

Program Services: Plans, organizes and directs multiple program elements and activities in the Housing Assistance Program, Housing Improvement Program, Tribal Rental Program and Tribal Trailer Court Program. In implementing the housing program's grants, the manager develops and implements the plan for the administration of housing projects, assignments, and conformance to grant requirements. The manager develops and reviews occupancy reports to ensure that applications and the selection of tenant assignments to dwelling unit or lots are in accordance with the housing department rule and median income and accommodations. The manager drafts leases, performs move-in and move-out inspections, bills tenants for rent each month, prepares warning notifications for non-payment. Posts warning notifications at tenants' homes. Clean up and auditing of all housing accounts.

Staffing: Desiree Hertenstein Office: (509) 634-2808 Cell Phone: (509) 634-1963

Sanitation Facilities Construction Program

The program helps eligible Tribal members with their sanitation facilities for a new home site. Sanitation facilities may include a water well, water pressure system, and/or septic tank drain field system. Existing homes may be eligible for services if the home meets the Indian Health Service (IHS) criteria for "like-new" homes. The program also maintains a list of ineligible existing homes with water or sewer deficiencies that the tribe may use to request service through the IHS sanitation Deficiency System.

Janitorial Program

Program Services: The janitorial program provides daily cleaning and sanitation services for approximately 25 Tribal buildings. Services include vacuuming, mopping & wasing floors, emptying garbage, dusting, cleaning glass, sanitizing toilets and bathroom fixtures, shampooing carpets, buffing resilient flooring. If you have any concerns or questions please call Darren Cawston at (509) 631-4390, E-mail, or fill the form out below. Thank you.

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Recycling Program

 We seek to promote awareness and understanding of recycling for our local & broader community, the environment, and the ultimate well-being of Mother Earth. It is our vision and goal to increase the number of Tribal Members involved in recycling as well as the level of involvement, to promote participation by Tribal Members. Such an effort necessitates dynamic dialog and cooperative work with various sectors of our community, both public and private. It also entails interacting with districts, counties, and state offices and resources. If you have any concerns or questions please call Joaquin Bustamante at (509) 634-2158 E-mail

Open Monday - Saturday from 7:30am - 4pm