Twenty Nine

Emergency Management

Coordination at the State level, through the Washington EOC at Camp Murray, of resources needed for emergencies and disasters. This may include requesting assistance to support the CCT, or obtaining a “mission number” and sending Tribal resources to assist other jurisdictions.

•Coordination at the National level through an Incident Management Team (IMT). An IMT may be either a local Type 3 team, or a higher-level team obtained through either WA EOC or the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC).

•Coordination at the National level with FEMA and with DOI.

•Coordination with local jurisdictions to obtain and to deliver needed resources.

Click here for the draft of the Tribe’s Hazard Mitigation Plan. This is a plan required by FEMA before the Tribe is eligible for certain emergency management grants. It talks about ways to prepare for disasters, and ways the Tribe can soften the impact of any future disasters.

All of us in Emergency Management would like to receive any comments you are willing to submit on this plan. If we left something out, or got something wrong, please tell us so we can fix it.

It is more than 100 pages long. If you don’t want to read it all, choose a section that interests you---wildland fire, earthquake, or something else—and send us comments about whatever section is most important to you.

Please submit any comments by the close of business on Friday, November 2, so we can review and incorporate them before this plan moves to the next stage.

Comments Welcome!


Randy August, Emergency Planning
Colville Tribal Office of Public Safety

Desk: 509-634-2134
Cell: 509-634-6420

Randy August | (509) 634-2134 |  Email   Del Ostenberg | Emergency Management Services (EMS) | (509) 634-2446 |  Email

Randy August | (509) 634-2134 | Email

Del Ostenberg | Emergency Management Services (EMS) | (509) 634-2446 | Email

Emergency Management PDF


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