Colville Tribes

The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Indian Reservation is a group of businesses owned and operated by the Colville Tribes. The Confederated Tribes Of The Colville Reservation.

Office of Reservation Attorney (ORA)

The Office of the Reservation Attorney (ORA) is the governmental entity responsible to the Tribes for providing general legal representation to the Tribal Government, Colville Business Council (CBC), and other Tribal agencies, departments, entities, and other concerns directed by the Colville Business Council. 

To speak or schedule an appointment with an attorney please contact us at: 509.634.2381 or 509.634.2385

Bonnie M. Carden| Office Administrator | (509) 634-2385 | Email

Anna Vargas| Code Revisor | (509) 634-2389 | Email

Kodi Jo Brown| Administrative Asst. | (509) 634-2381 | Email


Alice Koskela - Interim Managing Attorney

Shannon Thomas - Senior Staff Attorney

Carmel McCurdy - Senior Staff Attorney

Jason D'Avignon - Staff Attorney

Charissa Eichman - Staff Attorney

Veronica Redstar - Sahaptin Coordinator

Shelley Boyd - Arrow Lakes Coordinator

Bernadine Phillips - Wenatchi Coordinator

Anna Vargas  - ODJJP Code Reviser

Bonnie M. Carden - Office Administrator

Kodi Jo Brown - Administrative Assistant