Tribal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA)


Brian Quill | TOSHA | (509) 634-2022 | Email


After Hours

Brian Quill | TOSHA Supervisor | (509) 634-2022 | Cell (509) 631-4806 | Email

Wes Seyler Jr. | Senior Safety Officer | Construction & General Industry | (509) 634-2014 | Cell (509) 634-1452 | Email

Jon Batten | Foresty/Logging Safety Officer |  (509) 634-2009 | Cell (509) 429-0212 | Email

Jason Whalawitsa | Safety Officer | General Industry | (509) 634-2026 | Cell (509) 322-8452 | Email

Randy Laramie | Safety Officer | General Indusrty & Construction | (509) 634-2013 | Cell (509) 978-9000 | Email

The TOSHA Safety Office and Environmental Health Office is located on Entiat Street, South East of the Indian Health Service Clinic. Look for the sign in front of the TOSHA Safety Office. TOSHA has also established a "TOSHA Training Center" within the facility which provides a variety of required safety training necessary for the performance of work tasks. Training includes CPR and First Aid, Confined Space Entry, Fall Protection, Lock Out / Tag Out, and more is available through the TOSHA Training Center.

For scheduling of training contact Jon Batten (509) 634-2009

The TOSHA TRAINING CENTER has also developed a Safety Video Library available to all programs for use as additional training tools. Please contact Jennifer Phillips at (509) 634-2010 to make arrangements for video check out.

The TOSHA Safety Office can also provide your program with consulting assistance to help you in the development of your program policy and procedures, as well as assist in risk assessment of your work place.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to the Tribal Safety Program.


The Staff of the TOSHA Safety Office Mission: "Committed to the preservation of the Safety, Health, and Property of all People"

Tribal Safety means the preservation of Tribal Assets. People are our most important resource and their safety is one of our principal responsibilities. Safety must be an integral part of all operations, whether it be planning, development, manufacturing, administration, sales, or transportation.


Our objective is to maintain our properties in a clean, healthy and safe condition. We shall consider, as a minimum, the requirements of law concerning these matters. All of our people are required to cooperate in this endeavor.

In order to accomplish our objectives, all of our operations will:

  • Maintain safe and healthful working conditions, which meet the requirements of Tribal laws and applicable local and federal laws.

  • Furnish proper mechanical safeguards and equipment.

  • Require that everyone observe established safety regulations and practices.

  • Provide adequate medical and first aid equipment.

  • Maintain a continuous educational program regarding the need for personal safety awareness, both on and off the job.

  • Establish good housekeeping principles, which instill an attitude of pride in our operations and reflect quality in our products and services.

  • Maintain an aggressive program of Safety/Loss Control in which all members of management will participate.

It is the responsibility of all employees, customers and guests to maintain a continued awareness that safety is an integral part of the way we operate, and to conduct their activities in a safe manner to protect the well-being of themselves, others, and the property of the Tribe.


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